Our HIIT workouts will take through a combination of barbell and bodyweight work designed to raise your heart rate through the roof and burn some serious calories! We have 3 different HIIT focused workouts throughout the week to ensure no muscle group goes untouched. Choose from ‘Uppers & Abs’, ‘Lower Body Focus’ & ‘Full Body’. You will be provided with your own personal barbell, weight plates and mat… just bring yourself! 

Ramsay Fitness Nuneaton
Ramsay Fitness Nuneaton


Relax, Reform and Reset. An hour of free flowing movement and meditation. Ground yourself in breath-work, mindfulness and Vinyasa style yoga. Emerge feeling revitalized. Mats & Blocks provided.

Ramsay Fitness Nuneaton


Balance. Posture. Core Strength. An hour of body awareness and corrective exercise to create a perfectly balanced body and mind. Emerge feeling looser, yet stronger. Mats & Blocks provided.

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